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Dual Input Power Supplies

I'm looking for a premade (manufactured) power board/regulator that I can use in a docking station type synario where the robot comes to home base, plugs into the docking station, and then switches from its battery power sourse (internal) to the docks supply (external).

Switching from one to another via relay seems a bit messy in terms of bounces or spike but this may not be necessary with only a 12vt supply?

Perhaps too if the EX-B fails due to a very low power situation, the robots internal power supply could out to an onboard solar panel to trickle charge... until sufficient charge allows for an auto reconnect to the EZ-B Builder software to get it back to the dock.

Anyone got any links to good boards?


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No one got anythinf up their sleve for this idea?

DJ Sures or anyone is there a way to have the ARC software automatically accept a connection when a board is powered up...

A script example would eb wonderful!... hint hint!

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Cant find a pre built board, but checkout how others have done it.

hope that helps


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Thanks Steve... I'll look into it.