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Dual H Bridge For $6.00

Just picked up this dual H Bridge for $6.00 on eBay(.99 for the H Bridge and the rest for shipping)

Here it is, I hope this will work for my 12v wheel motors.

L298N DRIVER MODULE H Bridge DC stepper Motor Driver Board module

Driver chip: L298N Dual H Bridge DC Motor Driver IC

Drive part terminal power supply range Vs: +5 V ~ +35 V; If need to take power internal the board, the supply rangeVs: +7 V ~ +35 V

Drive part the peak current Io: 2A

The logical terminal power supply rangeVss: +5 V ~ +7 V ( take power inside the board +5 V)

The logic part working current range: 0 ~ 36mA

Control signal input voltage range:

Low level :-0.3V ? Vin ? 1.5V

High: 2.3V ? Vin ? Vss

Enable signal input voltage range:

Low: -0.3 ? Vin ? 1.5V (control signal is invalid)

High: 2.3V ? Vin ? Vss (control signal effective)

Maximum power consumption: 20W (when temperature T = 75 ?)

Storage temperature: -25 ? ~ +130 ?

Board Size: 55mm * 49mm * 33mm (with fixed copper pillar and the heat sink )

Driver Board Weight: 33g

Other Extensions: control direction indicators, the logic part take power interface.


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