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Data Read Function

Hi DJ Sures... @DJ

Really been enjoying scripting over the holiday period.... even took my EZ-Bee with me to the beach to work on in the evenings... (It's peak of the summer here in NZ!)

Anyway I have a function request for the "things to do" list.

The read from file is awesome and great for larger volumes but I think it would be good to also be able to read smaller preset data sets from within the script.

eg. 10 # Read Dataset example 60 :Loop 70 if ($x<5) 80 read $A 90 Saywait ("$A") 90 Endif 100 goto (Loop) 110 120 halt () 130 # May need an Dataset identifier here 140 Data 10, 32767 150 Data apple, orange, peach, pear, plum, 160 Data DJ Sures Rocks, Flattery gets us everywhere

PS. May also need a way of selecting which dataset to use for the adept scripter who wants multiple data sets in a script

PSS. Now that I have posted and edited I realise I can do this with a variable and the split and contains functions... a little messier but still 'functional'. (Lol - Old Programmer humour)



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