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Asked — Edited

Considering Purchasing Ez-B, But I Have A Ton Of Questions.

I read the FAQ and still have several unanswered questions, I scrounged around the forums but didn't seem to find any conclusive answers.

First off I was wondering if you were ever considering making the hardware open source so that we can build and modify the EZ-B board to our hearts content.

Also I was wondering if the software supported USB control, and how practical it would be to remove the bluetooth module and replace it with a USB, and if the software even supports USB. My design will feature the computer onboard the robot so wireless transmission seems unnecessary.

I was also wondering if somebody has successfully controlled the board using C++ or if you have future support planned in the SDK for C++.

Is there any future support planned for the Kinect? It seemed like you were planning on it in some forum posts but seemed unsure.

Have you considered starting up a github devoted to the EZ-SDK? It would be a fantastic way for us to share our own uses of the SDK and improve on its current state.

Phwewww, sorry that was a mouthful. Look forward to hearing back! Hopefully soon I'll be using EZ-b to be working on some of my own creations:) My only qualm with EZ-B so far is there is no linux support qq


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I don't speak for DJ, but I can answer some of these based on previous similar questions he has answered.

Open Source board: Almost certainly not. He has put way too many hours into design and code to give it away. Guy has to eat....

USB control. Definite maybe. He has provided instructions for replacing the BT with WiFi or XBee boards. Serial USB should be just as easy if you can find or make a board that fits (maybe cannibalize a usb to RS-232 cable).

C++ for SDK, probably not. My questions about the communication protocol for doing Android or PHP control have gone unanswered, and questions about software or SDK's for other platforms than Windows have been an emphatic no.

Kinect, there is a thread discussing it. I think when MS releases Kinect for PC (supposedly coming soon) it would be pretty easy to convince DJ to support it, or build the support yourself (more reason to use the .NET SDK, since M$ APIs will most certainly be .NET)

GitHub, I have no idea.

I guess I can add a bit to what thetechguru was mentioning, you can use a
USB-TTL adapter to connect the EZ-B directly to a Laptop/PC. The EZ-B talks to the computer vial 9600 baud serial, so as long as you can make a TTL level serial connection with the TX, RX, and GND pins on the bluetooth header you are on your way.

The USB-TLL adapter (The TTLyFTDI in this case) will install itself as a virtual COM port on your computer and all you'll need to do is select the COM port it shows up as in ARC.
Bunson, I can not speak dirrectly to your technical questions. But trust me, just buy an EZ-B. You will be controlling your robot in a matter of minutes. Once you are building and bringing your robot to life with EZ-B wirelessly over cheap bluetooth dongle, you might ask yourself, why bother adding a USB cord?
Thanks skater_j10. I'm looking to hook up the ez-b to a mini-ITX and didn't want to go the route of a bluetooth connection. I saw the wifi conversion thread and figured there had to be usb uart solution. Your post was the confirmation I was looking for.