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Connecting Ultrasonic Distance Sensor With Android Device

i am making a project on android platform. i want some help in connecting the ultrasonic
ping sensor to the android smartphone. i am not getting any tutorials .
pls help..

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Do you have an EZ-B? DJ has indicated he is working on simple controls for Android (there is a demo in another thread). When that is released, you could use the Android to talk to the EZ-B over Bluetooth, and the EZ-B to talk to the Ping sensor on a digital port.

The Bluetooth protocol used by EZ-B is also exposed in the SDK so it is feasible to write your own Android interface for this purpose.

There is no easy way to directly connect the PING sensor to any Android device, but if you have a Nexus or a Xoom, you can get a special USB cable (sold by Motorola as the camera connection kit, but there are instructions on how to make your own from any USB cable. Just have to short 1 set of pins) and have USB host. But then you still need something to interface between USB and Ping Sensor.