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Connecting To Two V4 Ezb's

First question and problem: I think the intent is to be able to connect up to 5 EZB's through EZ Builder. However I've hit a wall trying to connect EZ Builder to two V4 EZB's when they are in AP (Access Point) mode. Using my laptop I've followed directions and connected EZ Builder to the first V4 after establishing a wireless connection through the "Wireless Network Connection" icon on my Win 7 Taskbar. Then when I try to connect wirelessly to the second V4 EZB I lose the wireless connection to the first. My laptop will only let me have more then one wireless connection at a time. What am I missing here?

Second question and problem: With both V4's in Client mode and the Green light blinking (the voice says she's attached to my network), I can only have one EZB powered up at a time and have a successful search of my router for a IP address. If both are powered up and attached to the network EZ Builder cant find an address. Is this normal? I've watched the tutorial several times.

Third Problem: For two nights now after the laptop and robot are powered down the second EZB entry in EZ Builder will not connect to the second EZB board. I have to push the network reset button on EZB and redo the IP search in client mode.

I did not have to do much extra research for my issue because of this thread once I realized my router was too old. This is what I like about the forum, we're all in this together and can band together to find answers that benefit everyone. I even changed the router IP address like Alan suggested to keep any possible router/EZ-B with the same IP issues.

@Rich - I don't know about everyone else, but I already have two USB hubs on my laptop just to keep up with all the devices connected to it.
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Have a problem... Similar to Dave's so I thought to add to this thread instead of making a new one... Anyway... Both my EZB4 will connect to the network no problem, however EZ Builder can only find one of them at a time... meaning I cannot have more than one ezb4s connected to EZ Builder at any given time. The scan tool will only find one ezb... usually the first one powered on... Long story short and judging by what Dave went through I am guessing its a router issue... I have an all in one router/moden ... an SMCD3GN from SMC.... I rent it from my local cable company by the way... So my question is should I turf it and just use a modem from them and then buy my own router?... Also need to mention that I barely get 30ft from the router when I start to get disconnect problems so range sucks...

That's what I did Richard R. But I went one step further. I purchased my own cable modem from Amazon.com and then got the Asus WiFi router (RT-N56U). Make sure your cable company will let you use your own cable modem. I use SuddenLink and they recommend what modem to use and then let you either rent or purchase elsewhere.
Thanks Doc... Calling my Cable company now.... And respond to my new thread so I can give you the credit...
I personally like a separate access point on my network and let the cable modem just be a cable modem. I have used Engenius access points with a lot of success. Something like this would go great and could be mounted like a fire detector in the middle area of your house giving you great wifi throughout. It is PoE so you can run one cable and be done. You just need to pickup a power injector to go with it if it doesn't come with one.

Engenius AP
I've got my new network set up as @d.cochran suggests with the Engenius access point he points to and a ASUS RT-AC66U Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router. Works real sweet and I have plenty of signal near the robot. This set up and static IP addresses for the EZB's in the router took care of all my connection problems.