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Cannot Connect To Cloud

I am trying to connect to the EZ cloud but the warning says the server is interrupted.
I am logged in under stewart.barry but am unable to log into the cloud. Any thoughts on how to solve this?


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Just to clarify, are you logged in via ARC or the website?


Sorry but could we also get the username and e-mail address changed? I am the IT Manager for our school division and attended the Saskatchewan educational SSBA/SASBO convention last year in Saskatoon and you guys gave a demonstration. I felt your technology had a lot of potential and purchased the robot and gave it to Eric Campbell at one of our schools, so having it registered to me still isn't very functional... and I'm not able to change those two fields on my own. The changes need to be:

Name: Removed Password: Removed

Thx in advance.


@campbell.eric, you are aware that you just posted all your information to a community forum where the whole world can see? You should use the Contact Us link and ask for this kind of stuff. Once at the Contact Us page I know it can be a little confusing as it looks like your sending a private message if you click on Technical Support. However those messages get posted here on the forum for everyone to see. I know, It sucks and seems like a trap. Try clicking on the Sales and Orders box to get your message to them. I think you can change the subject.

Use the Edit button at the top of your post window and delete this information. ;)



I have changed your name and email to the ones you've stated. I have also edited your post to remove your name and email.

I assume you meant email when you said password since your email was there.



Don't mean to hijack the thread, but welcome back to EZ James. Are you interning again, or employed?



Thanks Alan! I'm back at ezrobot as an intern for another 4 months. If you send a message through Contact Us that'll be me on the other end:)