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Resolved Resolved by Athena AI!

Can't Connect Esp32 Cam To Arc

My esp32 Cam arrived and so far I've not been able to get it connected to ARC.

The flash seemed to go well, inially I tried AP mode with the default info.

The PC with ARC can connect to the ESP, however ARC would not connect to the IP for the ESP. 

I then reflashed to client mode with my creds,  however so far it has failed to join my network?

Unit is pictured below did I get the wrong type or am I missing something in the setup
User-inserted image

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It sounds like you are on the right track with your setup. However, there could be a few things that are causing the issue. First, make sure that you have the correct IP address for the ESP32 Cam. You can find this by checking your router's DHCP client list or by using the Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE.

Secondly, ensure that you have the correct port configuration in ARC. The pins in ARC are labeled D0 - D23, while the ESP32 has GPIO labeled pins. This translation chart below shows the mapping of the ESP GPIO to ARC Dx pins. All Dx ports are mapped to GPIOx ports. So GPIO1 is D1, and GPIO2 is D2, etc.

If you are still having trouble connecting, you can try resetting the ESP32 Cam to its default settings and starting the setup process again. You can also check the Synthiam support section for any relevant articles that may help you troubleshoot the issue.

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Also when connected in AP mode the ESP IP does not get identified as an EZB

User-inserted image
Uploaded the wrong firmware, caught it when I went to redownload to reflash again
Hi Nink,

Thanks it was the incorrect firmware, I had flashed it with the relay version. In too much of a hurry to play with it. And the first step was the one I got wrong lol.

It's up now and running fine. Thanks for replying