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C# Program To Control Kk Quadcopter

Hello people!
I'm working on a quacopter project. I recently purchased a kk micro multicopter with a kk blackboard. I'm in the process of developing a visual c# program to control it's flight movement. Unfortunately, i don't have any real background in C# programming. I also intend to use Xbee modules for WiFi communication although i'm not sure how to connect the Xbee reciever dongle pins to the blackboard's Aileron, Elevator Throttle, Rudder input pins.
I noticed that EZ-B has a platform for the AR-Drone but i'm not sure if i can use it to fly my kk quadcopter.
Can anyone please advice me on how to go about this. Code examples in C# are also welcome. Thanks in advance


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Drive- why not use ArduCopter?

Xbees are not that complicated, ArduCopter provides a lot of support for them, and easy integration.

Can we control via EZ-B a quadcopter +gimbal GoHero PRO ....controled by Crius AIO PRO +gps+
xbee adapter?


Can anyone please advice me on how to go about this. Code examples in C# are also welcome. Thanks in advance


What are you trying to do? Control a quad with your comp? Set GPS waypoints? ...
Looks like this post got hijacked right from the start:P @dgsandu could you re-post your question in a new post so that any info received will be relevant for you question and not mixed up with Drive360.

@Drive360 While I can't help with what your need as far as programming, I can hopefully clarify your question regarding the AR Parrot's control via ARC... Since the AR Parrot Drone is already controlled via WiFi link to a smart phone or tablet, DJ was able to mimic the signal and switch that control to a PC running ARC... the actual EZ-B controller board is not required in this case. Thus your quad-copter is unlikely to be able to be controlled the same way.

What you might be able to do is mount an EZ-B to the quad-copter and upgrade the current bluetooth link (between EZ-B and PC) with your Xbee (you will have to search this forum for examples of that). The EZ-B will control any servos and be the link for any sensors.

Hope this info helps. Looking forward to progress reports.