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Blutooth Antenna

hi i just build my first ez-robot and what i realized that it's bluetooth range is not enough for me i was wondering is there anyway to boost ez-b's signal by adding an antenna to the ez-b if so can someone explain me how, cheers


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What is installed into your EZ-B unit is what they call a class 2 bluetooth which has a range around 10 meters (33 feet) What is normally used to increase the operational range is to install a class 1 bluetooth which has a range of 100 meters (330 feet). Of course not only is the class 2 bluetooth in the EZ-B replaced but you also need a class 1 USB bluetooth dongle for your PC.

Here is a LINK to the items you will need. Also on the same site will be the header pin assembly needed to solder onto the class 1 bluetooth so it can then be plugged into the EZ-B.