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Bluetooth Module Got Damaged

my bluetooth transmitter got burnt after applying power..this was after i removed the transmitter from the board and tried inserting it back and unfortunately,i didnt watch the pins connection.so i want to find out..since my bluetooth transmitter is burnt and is not working,i would like to know whether i could order for a different bluetooth transmitter and also,would i need a special form of configuration with the EZ board..i intend purchasing the bluetooth transmitter from a local shop here..if that is possible,what brand of bluetooth transmitter should i buy..thank you


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Please quit creating new threads about this issue. DJ has already told you to use the "Contact Us" option at the bottom of the web page. If the issue was created by you then EZ-Robot will not replace it at the cost of them however you can use the "Contact Us" option to ask for a replacement at your cost. Most people either stay with the bluetooth that is standard for the board or opt. to upgrade to a rf compatable transceiver such as the Xbee.