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Bluetooth Error When Connected To L298n H-Bridge

Hello. my problem was solved a while ago with connecting power and functionality to my H-Bridge for the EZ-B. But now any time the H-Bridge is connected, the Bluetooth chip on the EZ-Board turns off. Whenever just the EZ-B has power and is not connected to the H-Bridge, the EZ-Board's Bluetooth turns on. I really don't understand this. It's kind of frustrating, to be honest with you. :( Please help.~RoboticsMaster


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If you are using the same power supply for Ezb & Hbridge that could drop your voltage so much so that the the EZB or bluetooth will not connect.
use a seperate supply ,problem solved
Ok, thanks once again, Bravia. I'll see what the results turn out to be. :)~RoboticsMaster
Now you understand its a learning curve