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Bluetooth Bandwidth ?

I am using a bluetooth dongle to connect Ez-b and connect PS3 control ,no problem works very well, excellent

Purchased a bluetoot headset for voice command of Ez-b.

when I open my ez-b file before making connection (to ez-b ) voice commands appear in window ,but once I connect to Ez-b I loose voice command I presume its my bluetooth ability to operate the connection and headset.

Any suggestions would be appreciated tried setting up a second bluetooth device no success is there some software that would allow this ( windows 7 )



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United Kingdom
Hi Pat,

Its not a Bluetooth problem you have but probably a clash of com ports or a lack of ports see if you can identify via Windows devices and printers panel what com ports are in use

Bluetooth is a frequency hoping system changing channels within a range of frequencies at something like 800 times a second. That way many devices can share a limited bandwidth.

Try deleting the EZ-B Bluetooth connection pair your headset then pair the EZ-B again

Interested you have your PS3 controller working with Bluetooth do you use the Motionjoy driver?
Thanks for reply
Thats also what I thought but after much experimenting with two different dongles
it does recognise both devices ez-b and headset and will connect to both but not at the same time. Tried all settings to try and limit headset features eg using mic only but no success.
I installed a program called " Blue manager suite " it manages you bluetooth devices ,came with drivers for one of the dongles , yet no joy

whats confusing it works fine for ez-b and PS3 Controller

re ps3 controller works like a dream with EZ-B ,takes a little setting up initially .

download motionjoy ver7 as that has a local feature ( not in the latest ver ) this is necessary if you want to use when you may not have Internet connection. *confused*