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I'd like to know if the Bluetooth on the EZ board can sense the signal strength and identify the source ? If so, if we use 3 Bluetooh sources we can triangulate the position of the EZ robot, do you think it's possible ?


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Hi @Andre99, sorry but the bluetooth module on the EZ-B is only configured to be a virtual COM port, it doesn't return data such as signal strength in it's current configuration. You may be able to find modules out there that can retrieve such information but I'm not sure how you would read it, maybe with a analog or digital input on the EZ-B, if it outputted as a simple value.

Anyway great idea, let us know how your continued research goes in this area:)
Hello skater_j10, I found it's possible to have the bluetooth signal strength, the name is RSSI, it's a value between 0 and $FF. I am not sure if the EZ board have this ability yet, the only surething is DJ is the only one who can do it because we do not have access to the bluetooth on the EZ board (I think). In the data sheet I have found it look like we can obtain the mac adress and the RSSI value. I will try to find how I can make some bluetooh device stand alone.
You can use the $$$ characters to enter the bluetooth command mode and then enter the command L. That will give you two RSSI values, the first will be the present signal strength usually FF followed by the lowest reading, ex. E6.

There is a configuration timer that is normally set for 60 seconds on the bluetooth. Once a connection is established you only have 60 seconds to enter the command mode, change the configuration timer to 255 (No timeout) and then be able to send commands like the L command.

To change the configuration timer to never timeout use the command ST,255 and then reboot the bluetooth module.

To escape command mode enter --- That will put the bluetooth back into data mode.