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Base Roomba For A Autonomous Robot

Hi everybody,

It's my first message, I present me :My name is Jerome, I'm french and I'm 33.
I 've got ez-robot 2 month ago, and I think it's a very interesting product. I've already build a similar ez-boxbot.
I would like to build a robot autonomous. I think to use a Roomba, but I 've few questions :
- Is it possible to use a Roomba 560 ?
- Is the Roomba return alone (or with a ez code) to its station for charge ?

- Is there a another system autonomous with battery ?

And after, I would like to use a MP3Trigger, a BlinkM, and control the robot with wifi. And why note use GPS and more .

Thanks for your responses.



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Hi J, yes the 500s can be used. If autonomous then EZ-B can be used to send the docking command. All you mention can work with the EZ-B and Roomba except I'm not sure about GPS unless you are running the Roomba outside where GPS signals are present.
GPS is only for outside,i heard they made a inside GPS design ,but very high cost over $500

Roomba 560 not a great platform,mostly it hard to remove the vacuum parts to save on carrying load
but it w ill work,baud rate needs to be changed.

plus the cost is so much higher then the 4200 roomba series

I see your are in FRANCE so it may be harder to get a roomba 4200 series