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Arduino Infrared Module Kit As Table Top Edge Sensor?

in the video below i think the guy is using the arduino infrared module kit (link to ebay item below too)

i wanted to see if anyone here know if we can use this kit as edge detection. so my wall-e doesn't fall of the table.

in the video it shows that if even one sensor (either the transmitter or receiver ) go off the table the bot stops and reverses....

Can i assume the 2 sensors are always communicating the same voltage/value?
and once that value changes (table is no longer there) the scrip command is to back up?

thanks in advance

ebay link to transmitter and receiver sensors


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This is not what you're looking for, those are 38Khz IR receivers for TV remotes etc.

I think this is more what you're looking for, they even output a analog signal based on the IR reflectance!
thanks for the heads up........how about this link

this is a transmitter and led......so this is essentially both pieces melted into one?

anywho this is what i found is this comperable to the one you pointed out?

Yes, that one looks fine, but there you have to adjust sensitivity on the board itself, not via software, looks like it also just outputs a ADC value.
to be able to adjust sensitivity on software, would the sensor have to be a digital vs analog?

thanks again for your help...

Mr. Netherlands
For software sensitivity you could also choose digital, but it would be much harder than analog because you'll have to measure time for a capacitor to discharge so i would go with the one i just sent to you, can't be that hard, 3 wires?
yeah maybe your right, im going to have to solder when i get the mp3 trigger and the wifi cam....

thanks man
also, can this one be uses as a microphone? for voice commands? found it on the same site you posted...3 wires too...

what do you think?
No, you can't hook up a microphone directly to the EZ-B, you need a wireless microphone that is connected to your PC *blush*
i was hoping that wasnt the case, well you saved me 50 bucks in sensors....thats man... going tithe mp3 trigger and the sensor you posted...
Glad to have helped:D
Generally you don't want a mic in the robot because the robot is too loud. DJ recomends using the computer mic or table top mic. I use the one on my web cam. Works great!