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Amp Motor Controller And Wild Thumper 6Wd Chassis

What to use Amp Motor Controller for Wild Thumper 6WD Chassis
2.5Amp Motor Controller - will approach?


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Qik 2s12v10 Dual Serial Motor Controller (13Amp) - will approach?

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Im using two 20A rc ESCs. But it depends how much the motors take.
My motors take 6v 6A each, so I figured 18A a side and with a buffer of 2A.

Though it does depend how you connect them, paralell or series.
Paralell add up the Amps. (got mine like this)
Series add up the volts.

So I'd say check the motors and pick a motorcontroller that has a little bit more than that the motors need, incase a wheel gets jammed and the motor draws max power. And you don't want to fry the motorcontroller.

Hope I helped. Working on it.
two 20A rc ESCs connect directly to the EZ-B Robot Controlle or through Amp Motor Controller.
Wheel change his mind, I will make of bicycle chain caterpillar, engines from automobile windows. motor 5A
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Well, ESCs (or electronic speed controller) is the motor controller and you connect it directly to EZ-b. And I used "rc" (radio control, like from rc cars) because the originate from that industry. I wrote a thing about it some time ago. Link it's a little bit dated, due to the gigantic amount of updates every month. You can still use H-bridges, but ESCs can handle more for the price you pay for them, but they require more work. Atleast thats my opinion.
I also use ESC rc, also opined that offer more for less money. They have to be running up front and reverse, and some work well with brushless motors (three-phase)
These are mine, and though his figure is exaggerated amp (300amp) endure a lot of amps:

rc esc