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Also About Using H-Bridges

if you have a 4 wire h bridge can use a simple circuit to convert it to a 2 wire pwm and control (fwd,rev)
4 wire h-bridge is full bridge using 4 mosfets,2 wire bridge is a half bridge using 2 mosfets,if you need more power some chips like l298 can be put in parallel ,and same with mosfets
need any help on using any kind of h-bridge designs i can help you


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Hi robotmaker,

I would like to use the EZ-B to control the Ultimate Wall-e, but using its H-bridge. On the attached pic it looks like the H-bridge has 8 mosfets???

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Would it be possible to even use the EZ-B with this type of H-bridge?
It looks like each motor has 5 wires, yellow grey grey + red black, green grey grey + red black ?

I found this circuit diagram on the web that is supposed to drive two motors & may be similar to above config?

User-inserted image

Please advise if you have the time.

Thank you,

yes can work with 4 digital lines,not really that great,they not using mosfets,there are simple circuit to add to it to make a 2 wire bridge
mosfet bridge would work better,they only using it likes 4 wires,rest is a tach or speed switch