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Adjustable Actuator


I'm trying to setup a system that needs to deliver an adjustable pressure between 2250 psi to 3750 psi and at an adjustable rate of 1mm/second to 5mm/second.

I'm trying to figure out if this is possible with an Electromechanical actuator or any other system ? I'm new to the field of actuators and apologize for any errors in terminology or units.

Would greatly appreciative any help and suggestions/ wisdom on the idea.

Warm wishes to all,



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Hi Vik,

from my knowledge of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, you would have best results by using a hydraulic actuator for extreme pressures in the thousands of pounds. Hydraulic would give you rock steady movement without any give/bounce and the best durability for high pressures.

There are electric actuators that can reach these pressures, but they will require large amounts of voltage/current, where an hydraulic setup can run off of a fairly small DC pump.

What type to use would greatly depend on the application and speed you are looking for.

What will you be using it for, if you don't mind sharing?


Hi Rob-Bot,

Really appreciate the response. Thank you.

The main reason i am trying to create this is an experiment to compress wood wool and/or paper.

I need the speed to be adjustable between 1 millimeter/second to 5mm/s.

Also the 150 bar to 250 bar adjustable pressure.

Is this possible with a hydraulic setup? And could you give me any info/inputs on available syatems i could use.

If hydraulic, what kind of pump and system is involved. Any links and ideas that could give me a better understanding?

I'm completely new to this and would really appreciate the inputs.

Warm regards, Vik



are you going to use AC or DC, or it doesn't matter?

If using AC what is your standard voltage 120vac, 208, 220 or 480?

If DC, what voltage 12vdc, 24?

The size of the setup you will require, will depend on the size of the mechanism you will add the hydraulics to. Will it just be two plates sandwiching the materials? Do you have a drawing of the mechanism?


Hi Rob-Bot,

Apologies for the delay in response.

Trying to get better at my understanding of actuators with some research.

Will definitely get back to you in a few days regarding this.

Thanks again.

Really appreciate the support.