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Addressable Led Light Strip.

Hello, I wanted to experiment with an addressable LED light strip and either the camera (Color Tracking) or maybe a photo diode for distance measuring. Since these strips are machine made, I would think they are very accurate in their spacing. It doesn't work for many robots, but my robot travels a track and this could be a really cool way to measure accurately and repeatably where my carriage is on the track. It does use PWM but I don't have enough understanding of the EZ bot (Or PWM for that matter) to know if this would work. BTW, other people might be interested in this for many other uses. They do have another serial comms method but I really don't know if it will work. My question is does anyone have an opinion on this part working with the ez robot? I really don't want to buy it without at least an informed opinion. Thanks!

LED Light strip


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Hi @Checksumff

I will likely be doing some experiments with Addressable LEDs and the ez-bv4 in the near future. There are several different types, I'll likely be using the WS2801 style. It will definitely work as the ez-bv4 is plenty fast enough but it make take some trial and error to get the code just right.

Maybe someone else on the forum has already done this by now since this post was 11 months ago lol