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Adding Laptop Script Sonar To Mobile Phone App?

I was making great scripts for my laptop ARC windows and figured out how to transfer them all to mobile phone app EZ builder. everything will work just like the laptop but then the robot will hit walls,seems like the ultrasonic sonar does not work in Mobile App? I was reading all night and can't find any example program script for mobile phone on sonar collision avoidance. I do know that the ultrasonic radar is not yet supported but I was almost positive I talked to you guys that some code could still make the sensor work in the phone App? was months ago but at that time I was just concentrating on the Windows radar that worked great. Now my frustration of watching the bot hit walls when I just only want to use phone to control the scripts,has me baffled and I feel really dumb coming here for help when it is likely a very simple code. I did try to add the "Get ping" commands and they do nothing on the phone? tired


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I just tried a simple collision detect Window with no radar, just supposed to stop when near wall but after uploading to phone it does not work.I have not updated my mobile app ever but it never tells me any updates available...I should check that too.


I don't have the EZB camera but it can do fancy vision stuff, Unfortunately I have a second ultrasonic sensor coming today for added protection, guess I will just keep using laptop windows,instead of phone.


Hmm maybe you should update the app and see what happens?:D