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3D Printing

I've been hear/seeing alot about 3d printers. Does any one have any intel on this one?

I'm thinking of making a 3d printer my autumn investment/splurge and really like the price on that one. I also live about an hour from Detroit and I could join the Detroit hackerspace who has a few 3d printers and I've heard that for $50 a month "dues" they'll print you anything you want for free, if you count paying dues as free. I guess they have a bunch of equipment that becoming a member will grant you access to. A guy in my IT program said he was once a member and had a few tunnels printed for his train sets and was really happy with them. I guess their equipment is a little older and slower but he said he had low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. They were way more durable than he had thought they'd be.

Anyway my woman works at an optical lab and they use 3d modeling for engraving and lens shape and curvature so she'd be able to get me off and running with designing. It's not the same as printing but the concepts are pretty similar from what I've gathered. They just got a new machine that uses CAD and her nephew who also works there is going for training on it in a few weeks. I'm going to pick his brain empty when he gets back. He's pretty excited to teach me some tech stuff for a change.

Thanks for the input in advance.:)

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