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12V 1500Mah Battery Vs A 7.2V 2200Mah Battery

i thought i should be looking for a battery with high mAh (2200mAh) vs high Voltage (12v VS 7.2v)

i see a lot of people getting higher Voltage with lower mAh, and having to add a voltage regulator or something. wondering if there are benefits im missing in reading all the posts.

I'm a noob...can anyone clarify?


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Let's see which one has the highest capacity.

12v: 12v1,5Ah=18Wh 7.2v: 7.2v2,2Ah=15,84Wh

The 12 volt battery has the highest capacity.

Linear regulators (like the ones the EZ-B uses) have to 'burn off' excess voltage. This means that if you use the 12v battery, your regulators could get a bit hot, but it should be okay.

Another voltage regulator could be added, but I personally don't think it's worth the hassle, because you'll have to keep a lot of things in account.

If you'd like higher capacity, use the 12v one. If you're going for a lower temperature, use the 7.2v battery.


That is, almost 15 years old sir :D