Live Robot Hack Session

Wireless Power Glove Live Hack! The Final Round....Fight!

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The Power glove is so awesome! But why should a classic piece of hardware be kept on a dusty shelf?!? I'm going to do my best like to give the power glove new life as a wireless gamepad. The goal is to connect it wirelessly to a computer in order to control robots with it.

It's me against the Power glove Final Round! The glove hardware is complete, software is is written, I now need to take care of some final bugs and then demo it controlling a robot. Exciting times! It's almost done, let's hope the blood, sweat, and tears were worth it :)

Join the live chat and add your comments, ideas, and suggestions!


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What a cool Hack! Gotta watch that later, if I am not busy I will hopefully remember to tune in!


@robo rad You can always click notify to get an email 1 hour before the event or download the calendar file and add it to your calendar.


Ya that Glove is cool but it sure looks tough to get all the bugs out, It is almost working though,sometimes when working on a problem it is good to take a break ,sleep on it and then the solutions often come when refreshed.. Hopefully would like to see the middle finger trick work on a robot,LOL!

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You are absolutely correct. I ended up working on it for a few more hours after the live hack and got the accelerometer working! The accelerometer can now be used to control the gamepad X and Y axis. I used every trick in the book to smooth out the analog values. I soldered on caps to each analog pin to Gnd which took the ringing out of the signal but also changed the waveform into a triangle wave. This effectively took away the values bouncing from 0 to max. I then faced a lot of jitter (the axis values wouldn’t be steady) so I employed some for loop averaging to smooth out the values. That wasn’t enough so I added a 100 microsecond delay within the loop to give a bit of time between each analogRead which really helped. I’m so glad the Accelerometer portion is working now!

I still have to work on smoothing the finger values and get the last 3 buttons working and we’re golden. Thanks for keeping me company last night @Robo Rad, it definitely kept me going through my battle with the glove :D


Hey no prob, my brother came to my place for a few beers and then I remembered about this hack you were doing so I said let's see what Jer is up to on youtube and we were quite amazed at how far you got it working and my bro was blown away that you may actually control robots with that Glove, good stuff!