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Botmatrix Side Stream 4

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This 3D printed monstrosity is a new challenge for me! Voltron has now been updated to ezrobot HDD servos and is ready to do some actions. Will I be able to make a 16inch tall, 4lbs 2oz, 3D printed humanoid robot walk? Or will it crash and burn? Join the stream and watch me struggle through this challenge:D

STL files for Voltron are available on 3Dworkbench's Patreon if you become a subscriber. It's worth it if you are into retro designs and First person shooter replica guns. Juri is a talented designer and he even has a new voltron design coming out soon.


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I made a mod in prep for Jeremie’s stream:P


:PCrazy man,can't wait to see it walk!


@alan that's amazing! Who needs cameras when you have glasses like that!

#4   — Edited

After some long and tedious changes to this video, it should now be available to view in all countries:D You'll notice a muted section at 2:20-2:25, that is the removal of a copyrighted song that lead to the partial blocking of this video. You'll also have to skip the first 20mins, as there's no action until 21 minutes in. I'll edit that one day.

This hack has me tearing down Voltron, reducing Voltron's Chest weight by hollowing out the plastic peices, building him back up, and then trying to make him walk.

While I have the movements close to a successful walk more changes need to be made, check out Botmatrix Live Hack Session 5 for the grand finale of the Voltron build!