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In order to use this app, you need Synthiam ARC software.

Guess Sopo's Number Program (M)

Guess Sopo's Number Program (M)
AuthorOpobotics Inc.
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In this game, the object is to guess the number that your Sopo robot has chosen. Sopo will choose a number between 1 and 5. You then have to guess this number by pressing the A button as many times as you think it takes to get to the number that Sopo has chosen. *** For example, Sopo will not tell you the number chosen, so if Sopo chooses the number 3, you would need to press Sopo's A button three times to win! After each play, Sopo will tell you the number chosen and then will tell you how many times you pressed the A button. Each time the game is played, Sopo will choose a different number, although Sopo has been know to choose the same number twice! Fun for everyone!


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