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JD (Tiny) BAXTER, Wip

JD (Tiny) BAXTER, Wip
CreatedApril 28 2017
Last updatedApril 28 2017

Baxter is an unauthorized clone of EZ Robot's JD Humanoid robot.
The name is from: EZ-"B"4 controller, "AX"-12 servos, "Te"thered "R"obot.
He has EZ-robot head and grippers.
The "chassis" is from a Robotis Preamium Bioloid robot kit. The feet positions are modified to match the JD center of mass and ankle rotation. The 12 AX-12 servos have been mounted in the JD configuration.

12 VDC is routed to the AX-12 servos and an LED switching board. A power distribution board has 7.4 and 5 VDC regulators. 7.4V for the EZ-B4/2 controller and it's servos, and 5V for future sensors.