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Happy Robo-mas from Synthiam

The team at Synthiam wishes you happy holidays and a fantastic New Year!

Happy Holidays everyone! Definitely the best online community that I've had the pleasure to be a part of. Here's to an amazing 2020!
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Well I just had to post this now instead of waiting 'til January,---I had a great idea to do something amusing because this classic toy is getting made again but not sure if newer ones will work the same,with MP3,but it seems that DJ has already beat me to it, LOL--figures! My idea was to make it just like that comedy Ted where it swears and tells dirty jokes. Is there anything DJ has not turned into a robot, One day, one day..I will beat DJ at something else just as cool ,LOL!
And I got this idea from Facebook as a Meme intrigued me to search it ,only to Find DJ's hack in the google search.Wow was I surprised to see that.....
hi robo rad

"Is there anything DJ has not turned into a robot" the answer is ,yes jeremie haha lol.
here is teddy singing with elmo.

Great vid Nomad! It seems that I was not the only one with the idea, it is so hard to be original with robots these days!
averything you make with your own hands is original.go for it.xD
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LOL Nomad. Your mom will be so disappointed when she finds out you listen to vulgar lyrics like that. LOL.