Dj Sures At Pecha Kucha 2012

DJ Sures (CEO, Roboticist, and Visionary) of EZ-Robot presents at Calgary 2012 Pecha Kucha. A fantastic evening full of positive energy! Pecha Kucha is a presentation methodology in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each.

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nice.. hay bro that got ar drone 2.0 out naw that shod help on things
Thanks everyone:)
My sign is piscies:D in a st patty's birthday! Two reasons to celebrate:D
I married a Picies. They are GREAT people. But, she does a lot of flip-flopping like a fish.
Nice... very nice indeed !! And amazing too ! Hey DJ, don't you think it's about time to come to Europe ? There's defenately room over here aswell to promote EZ-Robot even more.
wow im a piscies to 2 27 80 i m making a robot it shud tack 4 5 months ill be talking with u soon if thats cool this is a good thing your dowing
Your like a Robot Master out of one of the TV series Lost in Space episodes - There's no doubt that you have what it takes to inspire people to take Robots to the next level and the fun part is no-one yet really knows what that level is..Great Stuff D.J