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Hello World! - Your Weekly Synthiam Community Summary.

What's been going on? Hello World is a Synthiam newsletter summarizing all of the important happenings over the last week. Highlights of this update include the new Synthiam Credits and the Swag Merchandise Store.

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Upgrade to ARC Pro

Synthiam ARC Pro is a cool new tool that will help unleash your creativity with programming robots in just seconds!

Couldn't wait to order a couple items from the Swag Store:) As soon as it want live...
User-inserted image

My JD showing off the new Coffee Mug. Already got me a tshirt too
hi robohappy

i ordered the bottle and mous mat . i was thinking desame as you .
make a picture with jd and his bottle .:D
Oh those are awesome!! I love that robot guy on the swag. Is jd holding a microphone?
DJ, Yes, I had finally gotten around to printing the mic for jd..  Thanks for opening up the store:) will be ording more soon.