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Fixing Common Performance Issues

ARC was written to prioritize robot skills and their respective compilers with a multi-threaded environment. This ensures each robot skill and separate event scripts are executed in their isolated threads. This provides robot skills, and scripts distribute CPU time for a responsive UI and robot program. Even with ARC's multi-thread architecture, users can create scripts and project configurations that cause sluggish behavior. Here is a robot support document that outlines common issues that will result in low performance and how to fix them.

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Very nice! This information will make trouble shooting problems much easier. Thanks!
You bet! Let me know if there's anything we missed:D
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After my 6 years ,diving in,
your commitment to have the best robot software in the world, is still amazing!:)
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indeed ARC is the best robot program for averyone . 
not only the program but also creating a robot is awesome .

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