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Exosphere Beta Q&A Highlights

Watch DJ Sures, founder and CEO of Synthiam introduce highlights from the Exosphere community live Q&A session.

Like Uber, but for robots! Remotely operate robots and build your rating. Give robots the ability to perform autonomous tasks by combining artificial intelligence with human operators. Try it:

Why Do Robots Need Exosphere?

Exosphere controls as much or little as necessary to help robot companies achieve their goals. Companies work very hard to program robot products. However, there are many edge cases where robot programming is unable to prove successful. The real-world is unpredictable. Exosphere utilizes the World's most powerful computer... the human mind. All while training the artificial intelligence knowledgebase of autonomous tasks with real-world examples.

Connect a Robot to Exosphere

All robots are compatible with Exosphere to achieve autonomous navigation. Combining the ARC robot software with the Exosphere behavior control allows any robot to connect. The service is also available to ROS and other robot software platforms. The dynamic capability of Exosphere allows any robot locomotion style including humanoids and drones. Custom user interfaces may also be generated that ensures successful remote operation.


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very nice informative video, I am still interested to know a few companies involved if possible.


Thankss! Unfortunately that is internal information:)
It does sound very interesting. Wondered how someone cant get connected to his, might like to see HEMI as a part of this, depending on whats involved.