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Synthiam Makes Teaching Robotics Easy

Improve your robotics education with Synthiam's ARC software. Our platform makes teaching robotics easy and stress-free, providing relevant tutorials and examples tailored to your educational outcomes. Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and providing personalized assistance to ensure the most significant success from our education partners. Get volume license discounts, grant writing assistance, and product demos to decision-makers. Let our robot specialists help you get started today!

Robotics is a vast industry involving AI/ML, electronics, programming, engineering mathematics, physics, and even human-interface design. We understand how overwhelming it is to teach robotics without knowing where to start. Because robotics is an emerging industry, we recognize that people traditionally struggle to learn robotics by locating examples and tutorials found on the internet. Additionally, many internet examples are application/hardware-specific and require prior knowledge about dependencies that may be out-of-scope to your educational outcomes.

However, to ensure the most significant success from Synthiam's education partners, we assign an associate to understand your needs, so examples and tutorials are easily attainable to avoid disruption of our education activities.

For example, as a volume subscription partner, you may require samples of implementing a navigation solution. Your Synthiam associate will locate the relevant documentation and tutorials on Synthiam's website for you. Our team occasionally creates one if tutorials do not exist because our content is influenced by maintaining a relationship with users.

Your ministry may have subsidies and grants for STEM purchases as an educational institution. Synthiam has trained staff to work with your team and participate in grant writing to help reduce ARC Subscription costs. In addition, some schools require a product presentation to decision-makers. Synthiam is always eager to provide demos of our software and its educational value of STEM literacy.

Volume License Discounts

Synthiam is the most popular robot software platform - and we want to ensure your students learn the best robotics and programming literacy. Our team will work with you to arrange a volume license that fits your budget. If you are considering an ARC volume subscription, we will provide you with a trial and assign an associate to understand your requirements for volume usage.

How Can We Help?

Let us know how we can help you put Synthiam ARC in your classroom or school. We can assist with writing grants, provide demos to decision-makers and arrange volume license discounts. You will be assigned a robot specialist to help you get started.