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Looking to enhance your robot product's potential? Make it compatible with Synthiam's ARC platform! With proven results and a vast community, ARC is the industry's leading platform for users to experience the most out of their robot products. With benefits such as lower operating costs, faster product development, and extended product life, Synthiam can help you focus on hardware development while reducing your engineering and financial overhead.

Synthiam has 3,944,268 robot connections - let's add yours!

Double Your Team, Virtually

We understand the expenses and challenges of simultaneously developing software and hardware for a robotics company. Partnering with Synthiam's platform will reduce your engineering and financial overhead with proven results.

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ARC Benefits

There are several advantages to having Synthiam ARC support your robot product, such as...

Lower operating cost

Reduce in-house software development without re-inventing the wheel. Your robot product is compatible with hundreds of Synthiam's robot skills. Lowering expenses lets your organization improve marketing and manufacturing to increase sales.

Focus on hardware development

You have a robot company, and making robots is what you do best. We will do our best to provide your customers with an endless software experience using your robot product.

Accelerate product development

Working together, we will rapidly take your product from idea to prototype to production. Effortlessly experiment and integrate technologies during product development in minutes.

Revive existing products

Teach old products new tricks by making them compatible with Synthiam ARC. Your past or current product will suddenly be refreshed with new unique features that will re-engage customers.

Reduce customer support

Synthiam's popular forum is a self-sustaining community with a common interest in robotics. Encourage customers to engage the community forum with their support questions and reduce the overhead of customer support calls.

Extend lifetime of your product

Our ongoing development adds platform features monthly. With the Robot Skill Store, customers will access thousands of technologies to extend your product's life. Customers will embark on an adventure exploring robot skills created by experts.

Robots, Kits, Controllers, and More

Whether you're creating a robot kit or a retail product, we'll help your customers have a positive and engaging experience with your product.

  • Robot Kit or Hobby Robot

    The robot kit is the perfect way to get customers started with robotics! A kit must come complete with all needed parts and assembly instructions to be supported by Synthiam.

  • Educational Robot

    Education robots must include curricula and activities to allow educators to teach students STEM. A robot is an excellent way for students to learn about programming and how things work.

  • Toy Robot

    Anything that is remotely interactive can be considered a toy. Your toy robot product must be designed robust for children to play and learn to support ARC.

  • Assistance Robot

    The world is full of dangerous or mundane jobs. Making an assistance robot is a great way to save lives or make someone's life better. From disaster recovery to elderly care, there's no shortage of robot ideas in this industry segment.

  • Personal Robot

    Many people and families want robots as companions or pets. They may not have time for a dog or cat, so a robot is the next best thing. There is n need to clean up after or feed a robot pet.

Let's Work Together

Reach out to us, and we'll learn about your robot product and recommend integration options. You will be assigned a robot specialist to help you get started.