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Synthiam connects many customer segments to help robot & technology companies succeed

Become a Distributor

Earn profit by becoming a distributor of Synthiam ARC Pro subscriptions. Sell subscription licenses or promote referral codes to generate passive income for your company.

Distributor Requirements

To become a Synthiam distributor, you must satisfy a few of our requirements.

  • You have a registered business or corporation number in your country.
  • You have a website or e-commerce solution.
  • Have an identified customer market segment.

What if I'm not a company?

Synthiam has a referral program for individuals to generate revenue with ARC subscription sales. Anyone can join the referral program, including students and do-it-yourself hobbyists.

Share your personal referral code on social networks or friends and receive credit on every sale.

Introduce yourself

Reach out to us, and we will get you started distributing Synthiam subscription licenses. You will be assigned a robot specialist who will contact you.