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298 h bridge
I probably asked this question before but can't remember the answers from a few years ago I bought this H bridge,used 6 volt motors,for long periods of time outdoors,a really great product, just wondering about using for newer higher torque car window lift motors 12 volt on heavier outdoors robot(Grass) as the only other info comes from the robot shop site where they have a similar H bridge and it does say it will work with 2 amp 12 volt motors but the EZ site does not specify as that is the one I have?


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The voltage is not a problem at all. The problem is with current. Will the new motor draw more than 2.5 Amps. When you say high torque I imagine it will. I had the same problem with these as 2.5 amps is not much current at all in the scheme of things.
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Just got info on motors I ordered ,says 12 volt, 85 RPM, 30 KG/cm torque and does recommend the 10 Amp controllers so I am unsure if I should order the higher Amp H bridge, I could try the old H bridge just to see if it works at half speed?
The only thing that scares me is blowing a port on The EZB ( "My precious" ...Lord of the rings reference,LOL!) as for the H-bridge I don't really care if it blows,they are so cheap to replace.

Edit:    Well after checking around it seems these are some beefy torque motors that can be used for robot battle competitions and the no load Amps are 5 but the operating amps are 10-15 so I may just use a relay board. or go with the higher H bridge later.
If you overtask your H Bridge you will most likely not hurt the EZ controller. You will however get an awesome smell out of the FET on board the H Bridge.

Do not go with a relay. Use an appropriately sized H Bridge so you will have speed control.
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Question for Perry or anyone with similar experience, I have an 8.4 Nimh 3000 3 amp/hour  battery and my electric motors/wheels are going to arrive today or tomorrow. They are the 12 volt car window motors from Cytron with the worm gears inside.Will the 8.4 v  battery be enough juice to test out the 2 motor wheels before I get a 12 volt deep cycle battery? Both motors need to be on at same time to drive robot,robot weighs about 10 pounds. Even if I can get the robot moving really slow for a test ,that would be mission accomplished for this phase.
Not too sure how they will hold up under the lower voltage. I guess you will just have to try. Most likely they will work but will turn much slower and with less power. For bigger motors such as this 3A-hr of batteries are not that much. It should work for light testing though.
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Yes thanks Perry hopefully. I do know that with 5 volts the motors can spin but 1 at a time only so not sure unless I remove the 5 pound head off the robot so the base motors can drive at same time under 8.4 volts. A guy tested with 5 volts on his project window motor robot here...http://www.thebitbangtheory.com/2013/05/high-torque-encoded-dc-motors-robots-car-window-motors/
Only thing is I believe he has lower Amp motors than what I am getting.Mine will handle up to 17 Amps and peak at 30.