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My EZ-B Won't Power On Any More

Just received my EZ-B on Friday, had lots of fun yesterday. But it suddenly lost power and will not turn back on.
7V come out of the regulator, so the battery shall be fine. Is there a switch or jumper I shall turn?



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Since send it to solarbotics or ez-robot for RMA may take a month, I would rather fix it myself if it is easy enough.
rest of the board all 0v
United Kingdom
Have you checked the fuse its between the 2 voltage regulators and has a 5 on the top. You can pull it out and measure the resistance or replace it. Jugding by your impressive set of measurements that could be the problem or a dry solder joint in that area. Its difficult to tell without a circuit diagaram to work out how it works

Hope this helps
Thanks winstn60.
Just measure the 5 amp fuse resistance, it shows nothing....I guess it has blown?
United Kingdom
No Probs

Certainly looks like it has blown I think it is a standard auto one or use some fuse wire. Just make sure you don't have any shorts on the board outputs or you have put too much load on somehow else it will go again
I went to Frys bought a 5A fuse, I am back to business now.
Thanks again winstn60.