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How To Make A Control Of Roli's Wheels Using A Slider For Mobile App?

I have made my mobile app of Roli weeks ago. I am able to make it move forward,reverse,left & right on the ARC Windows version but not Android, though there is a Forward,Reverse,Left & Right buttons on mobile. I am just thinking does it need the control of wheels because when i used the Example Project of Roli, it didnt move forward until I saw 2 different sliders. I moved them and it moved forward.
So, in short, is it possible to make a slider control of the 2 wheels for mobile?


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See the Roli example. There is a mobile interface on desktop 2 with a speed slider that controls the speed settings for the movement panel.

Alan, that is actually for the neck in the example you mentioned. I asked for WHEELS. I think u didnt read the question properly, Alan.
Actually, it appears that the speed slider in the current project is not used by the robot movement or neck movement scripts. The ROLI mobile example has been re-done since I answered this question, and it is not the same. At the time I answered, there were left and right speed sliders.

However, the concept is the same. You use a slider to create a variable, then you use that variable in the movement scripts.