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GREAT video there Dave! " I like big bots and I will not lie..."


Haha i like that ending. "Okay fine". Dave, are those samples from the tv series?


I do have a lot of clips I cut from the Lost In Space series Blu-ray. But Actually, most of the samples I have were custom recorded clips that the voice actor Dick Tufeld did for our club not to long before he passed in 2012. He recorded over 400 clips for us and also did many personal clips for various members who were building the B9 Robot back then. Sadly I never commissioned him to do personal voice clips for me. I guess I thought he'd be around forever. :(By the time I was ready to have him recoded something for me I found out that he had gotten to sick to do them anymore.

All these clips that some of the club members and I have are now locked down and can't be sold anymore. Keven Burns of Legendary Films (considered the Keeper of the Flame for all things Irwin Allen) was in the middle of relicensing the collection for our club when he passed away in 2020. Now it's all in limbo and can't be found anymore (legally). Keven was very protective of anything to do with the personality of the Robot and of Dr Smith.


Wow what a neat story. He probably knew the Netflix series was on its way and wanted the most out of it. Did you watch the Netflix series if lost in space?


@DJ, I did watch it. I thought it was pretty good but very different from the original.

Keven Burns was very involved in the Netflix reboot. He was one of the producers.  Sadly he died before season 3 came out.


It took me a few episodes to get into the new series, but it was good once I did. They made dr smith a jerk - a jerk of all jerks. She was probably the only character I had trouble connecting with. I understand she's supposed to only take care of herself, and they lure you into thinking "she changed." But they do it too often, and it started getting annoying. I found myself skipping through scenes with her in it.


Yes, there was a lot of controversy and disappointment over the Dr Smith character of the Netflix series. In all fairness the original Dr Smith never changed either. He kept causing problems wanting to get rich and trying to get back to earth.


Always great work Dave