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Multiplexing Digital Ports

Hi Guys Is there anyway to 'multiplex' the 20 digital ports?. I want 6 columns and 14 rows to drive an LED dot matrix using row column addressing. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks danUK

Set Timing On Digital Ports

Hi Guys, Having a good time working on my LED Array project. Thanks for all the help so far. I was wondering if its possible to set the time a digital port stays 'true' before returning to 'false'. E.g. ' true' for 0.5 of a second before reverting to 'false'. I noticed that in EZ Builder there is control you can add to set the read time of a...

Setting Voltage Of Adc Ports

Hi guys, Is it possible to set the voltage of the ADC ports. I'm trying to get them to act as switches to control an LED array. I've already used up the 20 Digital I/O's. I want to set them to values 0 or 255 to switch between 0 & 5 volts' Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Dan

Multiple Forms Ezb.Connect1 Problems

Hi Guys Im trying to create multiple forms with the EZ B connection on Form 1 (Home page). On Form 2 I have a button to activate digital port D19. I'm using the code below: ezB_Connect1.EZB.Digital.SetDigitalPort(EZ_B.Digital.DigitalPortEnum.D19, false); However I am getting the error: The name 'ezB_Connect1 does not exist in the current context....

New Member

Hi guys My name is Dan from the UK. My university purchased an EZ B for me to use on my uni project. Just made my first post on the SDK C# thread. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dan
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