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Scratch Workspace Questions

Hi guys, First of all sorry for no updates yet on previous things that I was working on, too much other things going on at the moment to make those happens. But now I'm slowing getting back into developing this, and will update previous posts when I got around it. I just got a quick question today, within the EZ-Builder I'm going to experiment with...

C# Sdk Vs Emgucv

Hi everyone, I'm trying to write a GUI in c# that obtains information from a USB webcam. Since I 've got a ezb4 no so long ago, I'm aware what the sdk can do in terms of image processing and object recognition. But I'm contemplating between should I use sdk or emguCV to do my project on. So what do you guys recommen? (my project described below)...

Adjusting Continuous Wheel

Hi people, I need some help here to adjust my continuous wheel I got with adventure bot. When it runs on tile or concrete floor it works just fine. When when it run on carpet floor, it can go forward and backward, but when I try to do a left or right turn, the wheel appears to slip and couldn't turn. I'm thinking of doing a adjusting the torque but...

Extension Cube And Hexapod Body

Hi guys, Just got my adventure bot kit, I have a hard time trying to get the extension cube into the slot on the hexapod body. How did you guys get around this, should I file down the extension cube a bit or should I hammer it in. thanks
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