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Ricky's AI Chatting Robot

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Kudos and best of luck to Ricky - we've been big fans of his past work. You may remember his Scarlet Johanson robot, which received significant coverage. Ricky is now pushing the limits of what a social robot is. From Ricky's video... They serve as works of art and your mechanical assistant, designed for long-term use and perpetually staying up-to-date! Robots featured in science fiction movies are often portrayed as problem solvers for various human challenges. Now, with Mark X, this dream becomes a reality. In addition to its expressive features, it boasts various functions, seamlessly enabling voice conversations without any textual input—engaging in different topics to spark inspiration. You can input specific content to meet both business and personal needs. With a highly scalable programming system and interchangeable exteriors, your robotic assistant ensures continuous updates, never falling behind! Enriching and captivating expressions add enjoyment to conversations! Unlike electronic devices with rigid flat-screen controls, lifelike humanoid robots display diverse expressions during interactions, creating a more humanized experience and ushering you into the futuristic realm of artificial intelligence and robotics. You can even create particular expressions and personalities, making it a fascinating and unique robotic assistant akin to something out of a dream. Engage in endless conversations with super artificial intelligence! It is ready to chat with you anytime, telling jokes, sharing stories, discussing science, and enhancing the inspiration and fun in your everyday life. It provides different information, helping you unknowingly gain knowledge and solve everyday problems during conversations. You are reducing repetitive tasks for frontline personnel and modernizing your front desk! You can customize content or briefings to handle daily repetitive queries, decreasing the workload for frontline staff and increasing front desk service efficiency. This modernization eliminates the need for repetitive button presses or text input; the robot engages directly with customers, allowing them to experience the fun of modernization.
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