Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Coming Soon, Accelerometer/gyro/temperature Sensor

I'm excited to introduce the new items that we will be adding to the store in a week or two. This is a new ez-bit which is an all-in-one Accelerometer/Gyro/Temperature sensor. Here is the new format for ez-bit sensors - which are compact enough to fit in your revolution or custom robot.

Here is the manual page for the device:

Here's a video where I demonstrate the accelerometer with JD!

March 10 2015
@DJ... Ok, but it's not my fault if all my money earmarked for new ez robot stuff gets mysteriously spent on beer...

No worries, were just greedy consumers...:P

Kidding, we do understand that you are doing what you can...

March 12 2015

Just adding to the pressure.... LOL..... ( My Tax Return just came in ).. Will you be able to meet the demand for the Adventure Bot once you release it to the store? I'm ready to order one once you post them.



PS I'm really enjoying my developer kit. Once Alan and Rich sorted out my communication issue all is well. (Thanks again Guys) A photo of my test bed will becoming soon.
March 20 2015
I'm also going to be a purchaser and am looking forward to making an order!
March 22 2015
This is very cool! This was, yet again, a feature request I didn't have to make. The thread title includes "gyro" but does this package include one?

Thanks much,

DJ Sures
March 22 2015
Yes. There is a video in the first post. And there is also a manual page under the learn section. And the title includes the word gyro because it includes a gyro:)

Learn link: