Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ez-robot In Ghana? Scrapbot Tv!

Ghana is a country of technological contradictions. In many schools, IT is taught in classrooms with no electricity yet mobile penetration exceeds 100%. Tech start-ups are using the challenges and opportunities as a spring board and achieving way beyond expectation

Some of you have already seen and commented on this forum topic regarding a new amateur Ghana television series, ScrapBot. There are surprising attributes which make this television show different. First, this TV Show is funded, produced and broadcasted in the country of Ghana. Where is Ghana? Now it's your turn to brush up on geography. It is no surprise that Ghana is not a very financially wealthy country, even with their abundance of natural resources.

How does a country prepare for it's future? Educate the youth in emerging technologies - and today the emerging technology is robotics.

EZ-Robot was approached by the very passionate lead organizer of ScrapBot, Ben Nortey. Ben had recognized EZ-Robot's product as being simple to use without requiring previous experience in Electronics, Computers or Programming. Simplicity is Ghana's approach to engage the youth and inspire them to create robotics out of household items and recycled materials.

How often are you surprised with the creativity of children? Now give them the power to build robotics without the complications of programming and electronics... That is a very powerful recipe!

EZ-Robot Revolution is more than a product. It does more than sit on a shelf waiting for a consumer to bring it home. Our goal is to inspire people to create, invent and innovate - as well as enjoy themselves. It's important to us that the experience of using EZ-Robot is natural, and therefore you will produce natural results. With our involvement in Ghana's efforts to kickstart a robot revolution, we hope this will also inspire you and your community.

I am personally very honored to be part of the efforts of the country Ghana to empower their youth - whether the result is amazing new robots or other technological advancements... I'm cheering for you Ghana!

Without further delay, here is the link to Ghana's ScrapBot YouTube Channel:

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January 23 2014
That's super awesome. Way to go guys.
January 23 2014
thumbs up! this is really cool...
January 24 2014
I watched the promo. Don't have time to watch the full episode yet, but this is really cool. I expect these kids will go on to do great things for their country when they grow up (or maybe even before they grow up).