Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ez- Robotics At Usa Scientific & Engineering Festival In Washington D.c

The ratio of new innovations in comparison to the world's population is incredibly low. There are no lack of ideas for new products and solutions - by people just you.

What is stopping you from inventing the next iRobot Roomba? The technical challenges... Where do you start? How do you program it? What parts to use?

This is how EZ-Robot helps shape the future of technology! By allowing people just like you to create real robotics and automation.

EZ-Robot presented their innovative robot platform at the USA Science & Engineering Festival 2014. Inspiring students and teachers to take part in the revolution of the upcoming robotic industry.

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April 27 2014
@jayceekeys They have modified other existing orders to reduce shipping costs. Just use the contact us page once the eyes are available and they'll send instructions. I am sure if too many people start requesting modifications to orders they'll need to stop the practice (or update the web site to automate it), but so far they have been very accommodating.

April 27 2014
Just got in from an awesome mountain bike ride, so not enough time to get to the convention center to take @DJ up on his very generous offer.

If you really want to give away that pre release v4, I would suggest the best thing you could do for the community is to mail it to @rich (heck, I'll even pay the shipping). Having him get some experience before the rest of ours are delivered will mean all our questions will be answered in his usual lightning fast and accurate manner:)

April 28 2014
Thanks for the videos, photos etc.

And also thanks for the kind words, but rest assured I'll have an EZ-B V4 soon enough:)
April 28 2014
Thanks EZ Robot and thetechguru ,
I enjoyed the coverage and info. The arms and claws add alot to ROLI and SIX is cool.
My thoughts are the same as thetechguru, Rich deserves a version 4 EZB!
Steve S
April 28 2014
Couldn't agree more regarding Rich - he is so deserving given the amount he helps others and if anyone is worthy it's him:)