Mechanical Modularity (servo Magazine)

John Blankenship has published a fantastic article titled Mechanical Modularity in December 2014 Servo Magazine. Get it!

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Robot Doc
Commented December 2014
iRobot introduced that design with their Modules installed into the 500 model Roombas and the design is still present in their new 800 Models. Great concept.
Commented December 2014
Yay! This article was actually very well done. I love what John did with the Adapter Plates! :D
Commented December 2014
You can read some number of articles online for free before subscribing, so if you want to read this on, here is a direct link.

Pretty good article.

Richard R
Commented December 2014
Thanks for the link Alan... :)
Dana W
Commented January 2015
Awesome! :)
Shared on Wednesday, December 10, 2014