Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ez-robot On Shawtv

"When someone thinks of an EZ-Robot, we don't want people to think of a toy, a corporate identity, we don't want people to think of an industrial robot. We want people to think of a creative outlet for their desire to own and build a robot."

We want people to be able to think of something to change the world. We're giving them the tools to create that vision.

May 15 2013
DJ nice video.
May 15 2013
Nice Building. You will grow exponentially now.

May 15 2013
@Technopro did you miss the leaked EZ-Builder screen shot from a few weeks/months ago? Some awesome new features are on the cards:)

DJ has also said in the past that the 3D printing will be from within EZ-Builder. Hold on to something when the update is released, I predict you will be uber excited:)
DJ Sures
May 15 2013
June 1st:)
May 15 2013
Sweet:) And that's a Saturday which is awesome news. Set calendar to busy for that day:D