Make an EZ-Builder Behavior Control

3. Create Project

*Note: If you are using C++ instead of C#, the setup is similar if you are experienced with creating managed C++ DLL libraries.

In this step, we will load Visual Studio and create the x86 .Net 4.6.1 Class project. The project which we will create is a C# Class Library. A compiled library will have the filename extension .DLL, where an application will have the extension .EXE. For EZ-Builder plugins, we do not want to create an actual EXE executable, instead we create a DLL. The DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library.

1) Load Visual Studio
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2) Select File -> New -> Project -> C# -> Class Library. Enter the NAME of your plugin, select .Net 4.6.1 and select the location for the project to reside on your hard drive.
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3) Delete the auto-generated Class1.cs file from the solution explorer. We will not be needing the example class file that is automatically inserted by Visual Studio. If you do not delete this file, nothing bad will happen but it's a good idea to not have unused code or class files lying around.
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4) In your project, right click on the References in the Solution Explorer and select Add Reference.
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5) Select the BROWSE tab. Add references to the following two files from the EZ-Builder installation directory which is located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Synthiam Inc\EZ-Builder. Add references to the two files EZ-Builder.exe and EZ_B.dll.
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6) Now that references are added to your project, we want to prevent these references from being copied to your output build folder during compile time. To prevent the referenced files from being copied, simply change the Copy Local value of both EZ-Builder and EZ_B to FALSE in the Solution Explorer.
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There, now your project is configured to begin adding the plugin graphic screen, which is called a Windows Form. In the next step, we will add the form and configure it to be used as a plugin.

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Trying to follow the tutorials but can't find where the plugin page has gone. How do I add a new plugin to the ez-robot / Synthiam site to get the XML?
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Never mind. Just found the "Create Behaviour Control" link:)
I am trying to follow the instructions for adding my own plugin but I cannot seem to find the place to register the plugin based on the instructions.

Any help is appreciated.

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The new button to create a plugin behavior control is less than an inch below the button you pressed to create this question. :)

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Thanks for the quick response.

This what happens when you are working on robotics when its way past your bed time.

You miss the obvious