Make an EZ-Builder Behavior Control

Use EZ-Builder Controls

The EZ-Builder plugin Framework is very powerful because it is entirely open. That means you can access every control and resource within the EZ-Builder.exe application or EZ_B.DLL library. There are hundreds of custom .Net user controls exposed in the EZ-Builder application to assist with your plugin. Including joysticks, buttons, camera canvases, and more.

The Visual Studio IDE has a Tool Box, which is used for designer mode when customizing a form. The toolbox can have custom controls added to it. Below is a screenshot of a default toolbox.

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Create New Toolbox Tab
To keep the new EZ-Builder controls organized, we will create a new category in the toolbox. This is done by scrolling to the bottom of the toolbox list and RIGHT CLICK -> ADD TAB
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The new tab will be named EZ-Builder.
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Add Controls To EZ-Builder Tab
Now we will right click on the EZ-Builder tab and select CHOOSE ITEMS
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A Choose Items Dialog box will be displayed. It may take a few moments for the dialog to load while it scans and organizes the existing controls within the toolbox. Press the BROWSE button.
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Now locate and select the EZ-Builder.exe application in C:\Program Files (x86)\EZ-Robot Inc\EZ-Builder. All controls of EZ-Builder will now be selected for the toolbox. Press OK
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When editing/creating a Windows Form, the EZ-Builder tab in the toolbox will now have many new controls that you can begin using. Have fun!
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United Kingdom
Trying to follow the tutorials but can't find where the plugin page has gone. How do I add a new plugin to the ez-robot / Synthiam site to get the XML?
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Never mind. Just found the "Create Behaviour Control" link:)
I am trying to follow the instructions for adding my own plugin but I cannot seem to find the place to register the plugin based on the instructions.

Any help is appreciated.

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The new button to create a plugin behavior control is less than an inch below the button you pressed to create this question. :)

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Thanks for the quick response.

This what happens when you are working on robotics when its way past your bed time.

You miss the obvious