Make an EZ-Builder Behavior Control

Code: Moving Robot

If your plugin is to make a robot move, it doesn't need to know anything about the robot.

EZ-Builder has a concept of Movement Panels. Users can only add one Movement Panel per project, and this is how their robot moves. When a Movement Panel is added to a project, it binds itself to a common class that is exposed to the plugin system. This allows your program to easily tell the robot to move forward, left, right, stop, etc. regardless of the Movement Panel the user has added. This means if the robot is a humanoid, it will walk forward using the project's own method of walking. If the project is a hexapod, it will do the same. If the robot is a drone, it will also do the same. So for your plugin, it doesn’t matter what kind of robot it is you simply tell it to move a direction. And here’s a few examples...




Within that Movement class, there are methods for moving in all directions. Up, Down, Left, Right, Stop, etc.. Not all movement panels will support Up, Down, RollLeft, RollRight as those are generally reserved for used with flying drone robots - but you get the point:)

Note: It is important to note that all native EZ-Builder Movement Panels use the movement class, as it is standard practice to put the movement servos/hbridges on the first EZB when designing a robot.

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Trying to follow the tutorials but can't find where the plugin page has gone. How do I add a new plugin to the ez-robot / Synthiam site to get the XML?
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Never mind. Just found the "Create Behaviour Control" link:)
I am trying to follow the instructions for adding my own plugin but I cannot seem to find the place to register the plugin based on the instructions.

Any help is appreciated.

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The new button to create a plugin behavior control is less than an inch below the button you pressed to create this question. :)

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Thanks for the quick response.

This what happens when you are working on robotics when its way past your bed time.

You miss the obvious